It's time to update your bedroom with cheerful pastel hues which might contribute to a better mood, or at least encourage you to get out of bed and tackle the day. Here’s a cheat-sheet on how you can easily integrate pastels into your bedroom design.

1) Choosing a Palette

Start with a colour palette, whether that be a mix of pastels or simply pairing one colour with white. A selection of pastels can be active, lively and cheerful; a monochromatic look, meanwhile, keeps the space looking clean and simple. Whatever you choose, focus on a soft look—not harsh—that’s still cheery. Some colour palette ideas include:

    • Pink, which is feminine and pairs well with flower motifs. If using this palette, take careful consideration of style, texture and patterns on your furnishing and bedding so as not to look too childish.
    • Coral, blue, and green, which pull off a delightful coastal look. 
    • Pastel green and yellow (perhaps even orange), which presents a fresh look that evokes plants. This palette pairs well with earthy patterns like flowers and leaves.
  • Pastel blue, which looks wonderful with white. Integrate some beige into the palette for an inviting, classic and sophisticated space that isn’t too stuffy.

2) Start with the Bed

The first step to freshening up the bedroom is to start with your bedding. We love the classic look of our Palace Hotel bedding collection and the airy feel of our Pure Linen bedding collection. Craving some colour? Try our pink Swiss Dot collection (100% Egyptian cotton) LC Tip: Throw on some decorative cushions for pops of colour. Our Linen Square Cushions come in 15 colours (from neutrals to vibrant).
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3) Accessorize on Tables and Shelves

Once bedding is out of the way, it's time to accessorize! This Jonathan Adler lavender dish is perfect on the nightstand for leaving daily essentials, such as a favourite bracelet or watch.

Plants and flowers also add some much-needed life and energy to the space. And as a bonus, the pots or vases you use provide more opportunities to inject pastel colour! Unfussy, decorative flowers from our shop include the Torre & Tagus flower collection, Peony & Rose Bouquet and many more >

4) Don’t Forget Windows & Floors

To squeeze in as much pastel flavour as you can, consider area rugs and curtains. Sheer curtains are an excellent choice because not only do they colour the walls—the passing sunlight will spread the tint onto the floor, too. If you prefer a lighter look, you can try these white sheer curtains (pictured below). Area rugs likewise add strokes of colour onto otherwise empty space. We love this Diffuse carpet, which has a lightly pastel and subdued look.