5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Bathroom for SpringDelicious aromas, beautiful colours and morning dew are all qualities of spring—the season of rebirth and revitalization, as plants regain their flowers and foliage, and animals emerge from hibernation. It’s a fitting season, then, to coordinate with your bathroom; often the place where you start your day in the morning, the bathroom is essential for getting us ready and out the door.

To make the most of the changing season, assess your bath and look for opportunities to freshen up the space. This isn’t limited just to how the space looks, but also how it smells and how you’ll use it. We’ve got a cheat sheet listing everything you should look out for—and solutions on how to make a seamless transition into the spring.

1) Upgrade the Linens

Fresh towels not only keep you dry and comfortable, but can add valuable colour accents to the space. Swapping out the linens for more seasonal tones is an easy starting point to freshening up the bathroom, and these bright Oasis towels are great for both spring and summer. Our best sellers? Our Royal Plush Collection! Available in over 25 colours >

Try to mix and match a palette of bright, warmer tones—if your bathroom is full of blues and purple, try warming it up with yellow or green instead.

2) Replace the Shower Curtain

In addition to linens, the shower curtain is another easy way to instantly change the look and feel of the bathroom. Seek out colours with some energy or designs that evoke the changing season. For example, we’re looking at patterns that make us think of nature, like this Terrasse fabric shower curtain.

For something more subdued yet just as perfect for the springtime, this lilies shower curtain is clean and simplistic in design. It might not be the most vibrant, but it goes a long way to make the space feel fresh.

3) Get Vain

With warmer weather approaching, you’re likely to spend more time out of the house socializing. Get ready to put on your pretty face by adding a small vanity mirror to the bathroom! Mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes, and we’ve got a little bit of everything—including mirrors you can mount to the wall or hang in your shower.

With the right mirror, you can more easily prepare for evening outings and fun days in the sun! While a small mirror doesn’t change the look of the space too much, it certainly changes how you interact with it—allowing you to better get a start to your day without leaving the bath.

4) Make a Wonderful Spring Spa

Cultivating a fresh, springtime space isn’t just a matter of visuals; you can infuse the space with seasonal fragrances as well. Doing so is simple, requiring only an air freshener and deliciously scented soaps. This trio pack of scents from Lampe Berger is a great place to start, offering three fresh fragrances: Fresh Linen, Ocean Breeze and Lemon Flower.

Want more? Shop our Lampe Berger Collection >

Lastly, no bathroom is complete without our popular bath caddy. It will allow you to enjoy a relaxing moment while reading a good book. Shop it >

5) Add Something to the Countertop

Finally, don’t forget the bath accessories. With a coordinated set, you can really make an impression on the overall theme of the space—so it’s important you don’t overlook such a crucial anchor. Accessory sets come in a variety of patterns, and if you want to decorate for the spring, you should seek out fun designs that treat the eyes and get your imagination running.

This Float bath collection  is one of our favourites! Its fresh white look makes it a natural fit for spring- it also matches well with everything! 

With some deeper tones, the Alys bath collection features a shower curtain in addition to its various countertop accessories. If you’re uncertain how to begin refreshing your bathroom, a coordinated set covering all the bases like this one is your best bet!