Looking to redo your bedroom for Spring? We’ve got the perfect splash of pastels that will feel elevated but still give you that Spring vibe you’re looking for. Here are a few tips for how to pull off the pastel look without going overboard. Plus a mood board to help you see how the look feels all pulled together. 

Bedding - Opt for white bedding with small accents of pastel in places like the sheets, throw pillows, and decorative blankets. The white bedding will help the room feel crisp and bright while giving the pastels a time to shine. 

Art - Brighten up the room with some pastel art. Watercolour style florals are a great way to bring in the feeling of Spring without it feeling like too much. 

Lighting - Make sure your room is well light. Pastels are such soft hues that they need light to really shine. Natural light is best but well-placed lamps can bring the room together as well. 

Decorative Accents - Add finishing touches to the room with pastel accents. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the hues. Pastels look best when together and can complement each other in your decor. For other decorative pieces opt for lighter neutrals like white, beige, cream, and gold. 

Textures and Patterns - When picking textures and patterns for your room think about how they will play with the other colours. Bold textures on neutral items will bring a lot of life to the room and soft florals can be a nice accent piece. Don’t mix too many textures and patterns or the room will feel muddled. 


  1. Peony and Rose Bouquet 
  2. Alma Antique Vase 
  3. Peonies Painting 
  4. Hotel Five Star Luxury Bedding
  5. Vintage Bubble Bowl 
  6. Dhurrie Maywood Rug 
  7. Maison Berger Liberty Candle