Who says you need an appointment to have the perfect spa experience? In fact, you can turn your very own bathroom into a personal spa! Outfitting the room with beautiful rose gold accents makes a wonderful backdrop for waking up in the morning or relaxing after a long day. The colour is youthful, but still sophisticated; it’s classy, but not too intimidating—perfect for a serene spa colour palette. We’ll show you everything you need to transform your bathroom into a soothing feminine sanctuary of self-care.

Start with Decor
This look is great for clean, neutral bathrooms; while rose gold makes a good accent, we’ll want to stick to white and grays as a base colour. Marble bath accessories with a tray to place them in is a good way to set the scene and establish a clean atmosphere. Because we’re designing a feminine space, be sure to set up an area of the counter devoted to putting on makeup in the morning or evening. A rose gold mirror beside a cosmetic organizer is the perfect accessory for morning touch-ups. Finally, our yoga figurine collection from Torre and Tagus is a good fit for a feminine spa-like space by evoking strength and serenity. 

Indulge Yourself with Spa Essentials
Once the countertop is established, focus on how you’ll pamper yourself in your spa! Begin with a bathtub tray for holding spa essentials, reading material and a beverage of your choice (a glass of rosé, for example, fits our rose gold theme very well). This gives you a surface on which to take your time and enjoy your bath. Don’t forget to let the sun in! Use light, sheer curtains that provide privacy when necessary without sacrificing sunlight. Finally, keep a clean state of mind by organizing your accessories. Whether you have a shelving unit in the bathroom or a tray/caddy, keep your bath essentials organized and uncluttered so your next at-home spa treatment isn’t hampered by a scavenger hunt.

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