Bathroom remodelling can be lengthy and expensive, but what if you could drastically change the look of your bathroom in just minutes? Mini bathroom makeovers require only replacing a few items and accessories here and there, allowing you to rejuvenate the room without breaking the bank. Here are for small ways you can make big changes in your bathroom today.

1) Try a new accent colour
Changing your bathroom’s accent colour is a fast and simple way to dramatically refresh the room. Focus on a new colour that works with your existing wall or flooring, then introduce new items that feature it. A new shower curtain is one bold way to make a new statement (shop out shower curtains here).

Another smart idea is to replace your towels with your new colour of choice. Try our most popular Royal Plush towel collection-   there are over 30 colours to choose from! Finally, consider adding a small flower arrangement for a colourful touch of nature.

2) Get bold with accessories
Think outside of the box while being bolder with your choice of accessories. Trade in the bath mat with a chic area rug. (We love the stylish and sophisticated Eclipse carpet, but you can shop other looks here.) Update tchotchkes with fun seasonal looks and (if you really want to be bold and have the space) consider even throwing in an accent chair like this Waldorf lounge chair.

3) Get creative with wall art
Hanging or replacing wall art is a great way to instantly revitalize a space. Need some inspiration? Browse our collection of stunning wall art in different colours and styles. Another fun idea is to make a photo wall in the bathroom. This puts memories on display, and you can switch out photos seasonally to keep the room looking fresh with little effort. The Boulevard frame collection by Torre & Tagus is an excellent choice of beautiful frames in different sizes for your new photo wall.

4) Add a touch of elegance
Luxe toiletry and bath accessories will instantly make your bathroom more sophisticated without an expensive remodelling job. The Droplet bath accessories collection is beautiful yet simple and works with a variety of styles and colour palettes. The Eiffel Tower bathroom accessory set, meanwhile, has a sophisticated metal look that urbane homeowners will feel right at home with.

But that’s not all. Group your accessories on a fancy tray to add even more sophistication to your counterspace. A mirrored tray is certainly a step up; a trolley like this two-tiered Zed trolley, meanwhile, makes a chic stylistic choice.