Decorating a bathroom to be both feminine and masculine can often be a struggle because having all parties agree on colours and patterns isn’t always the easiest task.

However, choosing one main theme or colour to work with can be a great solution for a perfect unisex bathroom. Planning it out can help take a simple bathroom to a sophisticated oasis.

Black, Grey and Cream
In this bathroom design inspiration, we chose to emphasize a deep black colour with accents of grey and cream. Black is such a versatile colour to work with because it is sophisticated whether the item is matte or glossy. It is an easy colour to use to pull the room together.

For this bathroom, using solid black and textured bathroom accessories helps keep the counterspace cohesive. Our Austin Bath Accessories Collection is a fantastic base for a unisex style.

Utilizing our chosen accent colours for wall decor is a great way to add colour to the room. You can hang an abstract picture on the wall, such as our Mystic Picture and Frame, and keep all smaller items in a chic box from our Torre & Tagus Pica Decor Accessories Collection. The textures and colours will help these items stand out while still fitting in.

Having a high quality, white shower curtain like our Basketweave Shower Curtain is an important element to this design since it helps tie in all of the elements without making the whole look too overwhelming. As a bonus, if you ever change your bathroom decor, you won’t have to swap out the shower curtain.

Adding the rest of the decor is the best part! Stylize your bathroom with items that represent both of you, while keeping the whole look sophisticated. Grab a tray and fill it with a couple of accent pieces such as our Etincelle Scented Candle, Yoga Figurine Collection, and Akina Standing Planter Collection. Adding our Soft Touch Round Vanity Mirror creates a multi-purpose piece because you can also utilize the space on the tray for perfumes or face washes.

Happy decorating!

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  1. Basketweave Shower Curtain
  2. Soft Touch Round Vanity Mirror
  3. Square Marble Serving Tray
  4. Akina Standing Planter Collection
  5. Austin Bath Accessories Collection
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  7. Yoga Figurine Collection
  8. Mystic Picture and Frame
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