We all need a calming place to take some time for ourselves, relax and de-stress. That tranquil retreat can be found right at home by creating a serene spa-like bathroom setting with just a few simple changes.

1. Calming Colours
Colour can greatly impact our peace of mind. To surrounding yourself in relaxing hues, decorate with soft blues and greens and soothing neutrals like light gray or taupe.
Serene Spa-Like Bathroom
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2. Soothing Scents
Like colour, the right scent can induce a feeling of calm. Lavender and sandalwood are famed for their ability to relieve stress and tension. Jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla and chamomile are also known to aid in relaxation. Choose your favourite calming scent and enjoy it with a candle or diffuser. Shop our home fragrances, here.

3. Add Comfort
Give your new serene bathroom some added comfort with softer lighting, big plush towels and some greenery. If a bath helps you unwind, get a good cozy bath pillow and a bath caddy to hold a book and a nice cup of tea (or a glass of wine!). If a shower is more your style, upgrade to a high quality shower head and a curved curtain rod for extra room. Clutter can create stress and anxiety so set the scene by keeping your every day items out of sight. Hide laundry in beautiful baskets and stow your bathroom essentials in pretty jars and boxes.