Want to update your current bathroom with something more modern? Check out this modern warm boho mood board we’ve created to help you get inspired. We’ve also got some styling tips to help you along the way. 

Colour Palette
We want our bathroom to feel bright and airy while still having warm touches. We accomplish this by choosing a few accent colours from our shower curtain which is the main focal point of the bathroom. We’ve selected a range of warm pink, orange and red towels to coordinate with the warm tones in the shower curtain. Our colour palette should only appear in accent pieces to keep the room from feeling overwhelmingly colourful. The rest of our decor will be neutral whites, blacks, greys and golds.

To keep things simple, our decor will consist mostly of plants, and functional wall hangings. You could also add in some art pieces that tie in the accent colours on a neutral base. Macrame would go great with the boho theme we’ve got going on. To keep things light and bright we’ve opted for a few stark white pieces as well as a large mirror to help brighten the room.

Finishing Touches
Give your warm boho bathroom some final touches with a few plants. If your bathroom doesn’t have much natural light, opt for faux plants or plants that are low maintenance. Your hanging wall vases could be used for small air plants, or you could add small items like q-tips, wash cloths and other essentials to maximize storage. Gold accents are another finishing touch that will help to elevate the room and tie it all together.


  1. Trigg Wall Vases by Umbra
  2. Cinzia Mirror
  3. Leaf Motif Shower Curtain
  4. Mini Agave Plant in Pot
  5. Royal Plush Towel Collection
  6. Royal Plush Rug
  7. Victor Bath Accessories Collection
  8. Deedee Gold Planter