Shepherds pie is the ultimate comfort food especially when it's oh-so cold outside! To bring you a unique and delicious recipe, we've decided to team up with L'Orignal, a restaurant located in Old Montreal. Before we get to the recipe, watch the talented Chef Omar show you how it's done:

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English Red Deer Shepherds Pie Recipe
(serves 6)

500 g deer neck trimmed
200 g diced bacon
100 g diced carrots
100 g diced onions
100 g diced celery root
100 g diced leeks white part
25 g chopped garlic
200 g flour
275 ml nice red wine
75 ml brandy
200 ml stock
Bay leaf
Salt and pepper season generously
Pie crust (see recipe)
500 g Yukon gold potatoes

Large stainless steel bowl
9 inch pie pan

- Trim deer meat
- Cut into 1 inch pieces
- Dredge in flour and season
- Sear meat in oil till golden brown
- Remove and put aside
- In same fat cook vegetables and bacon - deglaze with wine and brandy
- Add thyme and bay
- Cook off alcohol and reduce by half
- Add stock
- Simmer for 5 min and season
- Add meat and braise for 1.5-2 hrs
- Cool over night

Pie Dough:
225 g cold butter diced in 2 inch cubes 275 g a-p flour sifted
70 ml cold water
Pinch salt

- Crumble butter and flour till it looks like corn meal
- Mix salt into water
- Add all the water and mix till just combined
- Wrap and refrigerate over night

The next night roll out dough, blind till golden. Chill
Once crust is chilled fill with deer mixture.
Top with mashed potatoes and bake at 350 for about 30 min until top is golden.
Let cool, serve and enjoy!

1. Describe your story in 2-3 sentences (how you got into the industry and why)
I started cooking because I wanted to go to art school. it was the summer job that never ended. But I`m lucky I get to do what I studied and like.

2. What has been your most memorable work experience thus far?
Most memorable experience? I would have to say was cooking for Anthony Bourdain.

3. What's the #1 tool you can't live without in the kichen?
Number one ingredient: Kosher salt

4. Red or white wine?
Start with white finish with red.

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