Office SpaceYour desk at home may serve multiple functions: it could be your home office, it could be for catching up on work, or it could be a place where you simply write your Christmas Cards once a year. Get the most out of your office space by adding some simple accessories and storage to give your desk a face lift while making it work-worthy!

1) Small Accessories
It’s always a good idea to have a few small accessories on your desk space to give it some playfulness and warmth (even if you’re strictly filing your taxes there!) Adding a colourful paperweight or a small clock is not only functional, but they will add some visual interest. Photo frames, small plants, or even your favourite coffee tumbler will also do the trick!

Kate Spade Paper Weight

Torres & Tagus Latitude World Globe

Prisma Picture Frame Collection

Kate Spade Garden Drive Jewelry Box

Crackled Mirror Sphere Vase/Candle Holder

Salton Mug Warmer

2) Lighting
Desk lighting is one of the most essential parts of decorating your desk space. Whether you choose a floor lamp or a tabletop lamp, make sure you’re getting one that has strong enough lighting so you can read or work without eyestrain. If you have adequate lighting already, you can always add some fun fairy lights or lanterns to make the space look more cozy and less like a receptionist’s space.

Floor Lamp Floor Lamp

Chrome Element Touch Lamp

Desk Lamp Desk Lamp

Star Hanging Lantern & Assembly Cord Star Hanging Lantern & Assembly Cord

Arc Floor Lamp Arc Floor Lamp

Petrified Wood Small Lamp with Shade

3) Extra Storage
If you have a desk with drawers, try to maximize that space. By adding clear drawer organizers you can have a place for pens, pencils, paperclips, or anything else that you may need without sorting through a “black hole desk drawer”. Also, if you need extra storage for magazines or other reading materials, try a magazine holder under the desk.

Trunk Set of 3pcs Black Trunk Set of 3pcs Black

Upper Canada Rectangle Organizer Upper Canada Rectangle Organizer

Large Socialite Organizer Large Socialite Organizer

Scottie Dog Magazine Rack Scottie Dog Magazine Rack

4) Wall Space
Make the most of the wall space above your desk. If you like to have post-it notes or pictures near you, try hanging them on a cork board or hanging a photo frame just above your desk. Another great idea is to have a mini shelf or a small storage compartment for the little knickknacks that make your space feel a little less boring.

Cork Board Cork Board

Rectangular Wall Shelves Rectangular Wall Shelves

Umbra Huddle frame collection Umbra Huddle frame collection

Expensia Hook by Umbra Expensia Hook by Umbra

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