Water PurificationUntreated tap water contains countless toxic chemicals and bottled water is socially irresponsible. Yet drinking lots of h2o is a key component to maintaining good health and we rely heavily on it in our everyday lives. So what are we to do? Reduce exposure to carcinogens (hormones, pesticides, prescription drugs and more) by purifying water.

Here we discuss two water purification products:

Carbon filtering occurs when impurities are trapped inside activated carbon and eliminated from the end product. The process has been shown to reduce common water contaminants like lead, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odor and sediment. Carbon filters are also used in air purifiers and industrial gas processing.

Our Waterlogic water purifier uses this technology in conjunction with a double helix UV array to cleanse water all the way to the nuzzle. This top-of-the-line product guarantees 99.99% pure water 100% of the time, is designed for low maintenance and easy use, and contains smart control that inform you when it needs tending to.

Hybrid Water Purifier & Accessories Hybrid Water Purifier & Accessories

The water in products containing other ingredients needs to be purified too, such as our Cuisinart® Coffee MakersSpecially designed for the job, Cuisinart replacement water filters keep bad ingredients like calcium and chlorine at bay so your cup of joe is always of the highest quality.