Love apple pie? Love cookies? Today, we're combining the two and taking it to the next level! We've teamed up with Jesse from Yo' Dough to help us bring you the ultimate apple-pie cookie. If you've got apples, chocolate, and a few simple ingredients near by, prepare to be inspired!

1. Describe your story in 2-3 sentences (how you got into the industry and why)
I started baking cookies when I was 13-14. Trying to take my favorite snack to the next level, I created my own cookie recipe using my favorite chocolate bars. Years later, when i was finishing university, I realized I didn't want to work for anyone and wanted to build my own brand, and Yo' Dough was born!

2. What has been your most memorable work experience thus far?
The times I've been able to bring cookies for various athletes and entertainers to enjoy and being able to attend cool events and meet new people, all because of cookies!

3. Do you have a nickname at your workplace?
I ain't going to have a serious title, so I guess I'm just the cookie chief!

4. What's the #1 ingredient you can't live without in the kitchen?
White Chocolate! Goes well with everything and anything.

5. Favourite cookie flavour?
My favorite cookie is the cookie inception; Yo’ Dough Cookies & Cream; a cookie in a cookie.

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