Looking for a way to make a big impact in the kitchen using little time or effort? Expensive renovations aren’t necessary for completely changing the kitchen’s look. In fact, you can use a few sneaky tricks to drastically reinvent the kitchen’s look on a budget—here’s just a few.

Replace the backsplash

Replacing your kitchen backsplash is a relatively quick and easy home renovation with a big, dramatic impact. Simply switch out the tile for a fun new texture or colour. From there, you can try to colour-coordinate the rest of your kitchen with a new palette. Which brings us to our next tip…

Add some new colourful accents

Trying new colours is a great way to refresh a room with as little effort or time as possible. Some easy new colour accents to add include curtains, area rugs or chairs. If you have a breakfast nook or small dining table in the kitchen, switch out the chairs with those of a new colour, like these Milan dining chairs. Alternatively, you can simply add some comfy and colourful chair pads for a quick refresh.

Show off your accessories

Open-style cabinets are all the rage these days, so consider pulling the cabinet doors off or installing some new shelves to put your appliances and accessories on display. Not only does this change the overall look and feel of a room, it also lets you show off your personal culinary style.

Trade in dusty, old or little-used appliances with more colourful and stylish ones. This Salton Harley Pasternak blender and Delonghi toaster, for example, are both a bright and lively red for a fashionable kitchen look.

Switch the plates

Whether you show off your plates on a shelf, hang them on a wall or stack them attractively in a cabinet, try accessorizing with serveware in new colours and patterns. This attractive line of bowls from Torre & Tagus features a variety of textures and patterns that you may use to easily inject some whimsy into your kitchen’s look. This floral serveware shows how you can really add vibrancy with just a few well-placed plates and accessories.

Declutter and organize

Taking the time to declutter the kitchen is a great way to freshen up the space and make it look a lot tidier. Keeping your stuff organized also frees up space for accessorizing with the tips detailed above. There are lots of tools for freeing up and organizing your countertop, cabinets or pantry, but Interdesign’s Kitchen Binz are definitely the way to go for keeping everything in its rightful place. Another simple idea is to standardize things like spices with a 12-bottle spice rack, which lets you attractively display and organize your favourite ingredients.

Add a new surface

Okay, not everyone has the space (or the budget) to install a new countertop or kitchen island. But that’s okay; wheel in a bar cart or butcher block instead. These compact surfaces provide added storage and surface space for working, decorating or holding your most-used kitchen supplies in an attractive way.