Imagine a world where your kitchen counters were clutter-free. A dream, right? Here are some great ways to style your counters practically and minimally!

  1. Colour Scheme
    Just like any other space, choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen decor is key to making sure the overall look is cohesive and well-styled. Since most countertops include black, white, and brown, choosing this colour palette is a great idea, along with deciding on your accent colour, which in this case will be grey.
  2. A Solid Cutting Board
    One of the more essential items that go on a kitchen counter is a cutting board. The great thing about cutting boards is that you can prop then against your backsplash and use it as a piece of decor! You can’t go wrong with choosing a lighter wooden board, like our Cuisinart Bamboo Cutting Board, or a darker one, such as our Acacia Cutting Board Collection
  3. Practical- But Pretty
    The best part about styling a kitchen counter is finding items that are very practical from around the kitchen but also double as awesome decor. Our Trudeau Maison Spice Carousel is a minimal, yet eye-catching piece that will look lovely sitting on the corner of your counter. Of course, a Danesco Utensil Holder is a convenient addition to put next to your stove for easy access. Keeping the holder a solid colour and making sure the utensils themselves match will keep the cohesiveness running throughout your entire kitchen.
  4. Knife Set
    Next up are your collection of knives. Our Ricardo 8-Piece Knife Set with Rotating Block is an awesome way to store them but also doubles a tablet holder! This is a genius idea for someone who often finds themselves in the kitchen wanting to follow a digital recipe or to catch up on some Netflix.
  5. The Extras
    As for extras, some fun ways to spruce up your counters can be small plants, like our Succulent Potted Plant, a fruit bowl, like our Mesh Double Wall Bowl, or a minimal salt and pepper shaker, such as our Ricardo 2-in-1 Salt And Pepper Mill.

Good luck and happy decorating!


  1. Succulent Potted Decorative Plant Collection
  2. Oil Bottle
  3. Mortar and Pestle
  4. Utensil Holder
  5. Acacia Cutting Board Collection
  6. Ricardo 2-in-1 Salt And Pepper Mill
  7. Cuisinart Bamboo Cutting Board
  8. Trudeau Maison Spice Carousel
  9. Cuisinart Black Cordless Electric Kettle
  10. Mesh Double Wall Bowl
  11. Ricardo 8-Piece Knife Set with Rotating Block