There’s no better way to enjoy a cup of coffee than by making your own personalized house blend. Not only does a personalized blend make a great gift—it’s also economical, allowing you to combine inexpensive coffee with specialty beans for a bold and unique flavour. While the process may seem intimidating to coffee amateurs, the process is straightforward. Let us guide you in brewing your own personalized coffee blend.

Step 1: Start with your typical brewing routine

It’s a good idea to begin with a base that you’re used to making. This should be your favourite coffee brewed your typical way. Whether you prefer espresso or drip coffee, decide on a base and brewing method whose flavour profile you’re already intimately familiar with. This base will serve as about 50% of your overall blend.

Step 2: Pick a varietal (or a couple) complimenting the taste

Once you’ve settled on a base, pick out some varietals that you believe will compliment or enhance its taste. You can settle on one or two varietals for your final recipe, so consider experimenting with many different types to perfect your blend. Each varietal should make up about 25% of the blend. When choosing varietals, consider their acidity and tang compared to your base.

Step 3: Brew and test blends

Now it’s time for the fun part: brewing and tasting your blends! For this step, it’s a good idea to brew each coffee separately, then mixing them together in different ratios per glass. Remember: it’s good to make mistakes, and you’re bound to make some duds when trying to find the perfect blend and ratio. Keep experimenting until you find your perfect taste!

Step 4: Package it together and brew your personalized blend

Once you’ve achieved the perfect recipe, package it together in a lined bag or airtight container. Beans should never be exposed to the air for an extended period. If you’re gifting your house blend to someone, consider adding a tag to the bag or container.

When making your blend in the future, it’s best to roast and grind the entire blend at once. This ensures your beans will be evenly roasted and ground, contributing to a better flavour profile.

Blend your perfect cup with these appliances and accessories: