At the height of the winter doldrums, we’re looking for any opportunity we can get to cozy up the bedroom. And what better way to do that than to surround oneself with plaid and flannel? If you’re “mad for plaid,” your obsession shouldn’t stop at the wardrobe—dress your bed with your favourite plaid patterns for a warmer, cozier place to sleep. Here’s how you can instantly warm up your bed with a few plaid accents.

Start with a Full Bedding Set…

The best way to cozy up with some plaid is to get yourself a full plaid bedding collection. This is perfect for those who don’t want to hunt for complimentary patterns and colours, though others might balk at the perceived lack of freedom to mix and match that comes with a full bedding collection. The Pompeii Pure Linen Collection is a great unisex option, offering a neutral palette that provides plenty of freedom to work around. Another great choice is the Urban Plaid Bedding Collection; while this set is a bit more feminine, its subdued, sandy earth tones exude coziness.

…Or Try a Simpler Look

Don’t want a full set? No problem! Most will enjoy a simple flannel sheet set, which adds a perfect colour and pattern accent when folded over a solid-colour duvet. The Red Plaid Flannel Sheet Set is a classic pattern that evokes the image of Buffalo plaid. Other fun, vibrant options include the Pretty Plaid Flannel Sheet Set (which also looks lovely in the springtime) and Varsity Plaid Flannel Sheet Set. Simpler options include the Black Tartan Set or Collage Plaid, which are more neutral in colour palette.

Layer on Accents

Whether you’re using plaid sheets or not, consider layering on some accents for added warmth and comfort. Throw blankets are a great way to make the bed cozier, and this taupe plaid throw is no exception. Its creamy colour looks great on lighter bedspreads, and its weighty texture is perfect for cuddling under! If you want the bed to pop with colour, try the Hotel Plaid Throw, which comes in white, red, or blue. Speaking of blue, the Cottage Feather-Filled Cushion with plaid pattern makes for an excellent finishing touch.

Don’t Forget the Bedside

We’ve covered linens, but how can you make the most of a plaid obsession? It’s simple: make a cozy breakfast (or midnight snack) tray that’s bedecked in plaid. Start with an attractive tray, then pair it with a Plaid Dinnerware Collection. If that feels like too much, a simple mug adorned with a plaid moose should suffice—the perfect vessel for a hot cup of tea or cocoa after a long, cold day.