Here at Linen Chest, we try to help you become the best hosts possible. This means taking the stress off of you and making sure your guests are happy with a nice glass of wine on hand. Today, we give you our 3 alternatives to wine glass markers. Use them when you're entertaining to make it easy for your guests to keep track of their own glass.

1) Flower Wine Charms
Here’s a very cute idea from Trudeau! A bouquet of small silicone flowers which can be used to personalize everyone’s glass with their own custom flower charm. Comes in a set of 12 for $9.95. Available, here.
Flower Wine CharmsFlower Wine Charms
Flower Wine Charms
2) Glass Tag & Marker Set
Trudeau strikes again by offering these reusable coloured tags. Not only can you write your guests' name on them, but with silicone buttons they'll adhere easily to any style of glass. The set includes an erasable marker so you can use the tags over and over again! Set of 9 for $9.95. Available, here.
Glass TagGlass TagGlass Tag
3) Perch Wine Charms
Let your guests personalize their cocktail or wine glass with these colourful and cheerful birds. Set of 6 for $4.95. Available, here.
*DIY Coloured Ribbon*
Have you heard of 'washi' tape? It's an adhesive ribbon that looks like masking tape but is actually made from paper (and is a lot more resistant). It's available in a huge variety of colours & patterns and would be a perfect way to differentiate your guest’s glasses! A simple and easy, yet very cute idea!
How do YOU differentiate your glasses when entertaining family and friends?