Red, white, rosé... Full-bodied, delicate, fruity... Which glass to use for which wine? What are the different types of glasses? We explain the characteristics of the different wine glasses to help you make an informed choice and bring out the best in your favorite wines.


Which glass is best for red wine?

Red wines generally have a more complex taste than other types of wine. They therefore need more space to allow contact with the air to fully express their aromas. This is why red wine glasses have a larger balloon than white and rosé wine glasses. 

Some red wine glasses are designed specifically for particular types of wine. This is the case for Burgundy and Bordeaux glasses.

The Burgundy type glass

Has a wide balloon at mid-height to allow the aromas to develop, but a narrow opening to retain them. It is designed for Burgundy wines with intense aromas.

The Bordeaux type glass

Has a more tapered shape to direct the aromas towards the nose and a wider opening to allow maximum oxygenation. It is designed for full-bodied and aromatic Bordeaux wines.


Which glass is best for white wine?

This type of wine glass has a smaller ball and a narrower opening than the red wine glass. This helps retain the aromas of white wines, which are more delicate and light.

Some white wine glasses are designed for specific types of wine. The Chardonnay glass has a more flared shape to allow the more complex bouquet to develop in contact with the air, while the Sauvignon Blanc glass has a narrower opening to concentrate and retain the aromas.



Which glass for rosé wine?

The rosé wine glass has higher rims and a narrow opening than the white wine glass. This shape allows the rosé's aromas, which are generally light and fruity, to be retained and gives them enough depth to be fully expressed.

And if you like to taste everything...

The universal wine glass is designed for tasting all types of wine. If you only have one type of wine glass to choose from, this one is a great value.

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