The best gifts are those that come from the heart. This Mother’s Day, let mom experience her true fashion: wine! Throwing a Mother’s Day wine tasting event at home is a great way to get the family together to do something fun—and if your mom loves wine, you can spotlight her specific tastes and connoisseurship.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about preparing and hosting a cozy, at-home wine tasting. While the event and wine are gift enough, you might consider offering some of the supplies listed below as Mother’s Day gifts as well. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get planning!


First, you’ll need to establish the guest list. At-home wine tastings are best enjoyed in small groups, which make them perfect for a family-focused event. Obviously, your mom will be the guest of honour for this tasting, though any other mothers—grandparents, aunts with children or more—should also be honoured at the event. If inviting siblings, consider asking them each to bring a bottle or two fitting the tasting’s theme.

That’s right—your wine tasting should revolve around a specific theme. Again, keep mom in mind. What sort of wines or flavours does she like? Let this serve as thematic inspiration for the event. Don’t be afraid to be a little daring; while you should certainly include wine that you think mom would like, throw in some more adventurous picks that she might not try otherwise. Example theme ideas include:

    • Grape varietals
    • Wine from a specific region
    • A blind tasting (offering a variety of flavours for guests to guess)

When it’s time to set the table, be sure to supply some water for your guests to enjoy between sips. If serving food, keep it light; something too flavourful can take away from the wine’s impact. Remember, the point of the event is to enjoy each wine’s flavours and aromas, so they should be at the fore. Each guest should be served a small handful of glasses at a time—three is good—so they may compare taste, aroma and colour while drinking.



A decanter is great to have on-hand as it allows wine to breathe before drinking, separating the wine from sediments. The Tavola Decanter by Trudeau has a beautiful organic shape and is made of pure glass; whether you use it for visual flair on the table or gift it to mom, consider inviting it to your tasting. As for glasses, the Gem Set of stemless glasses make a bold, stylish statement. Our Bohemia Set, meanwhile, offers glasses in varying sizes, shapes and styles—perfect for hosting repeat occasions or accommodating different kinds of drinks.


You’ll need several bottles for a great wine tasting, which means you’ll need to look into some storage options. A Traditional Wine Rack mixes rustic charm with a  simple, modern feel, making it a great mixed-material addition to your mom’s kitchen—and a wonderful Mother’s Day gift (12, 30 or 90 bottle capacity!). Hoping to keep things chill? Consider installing a wine cooler. This 12-Bottle Wine Fridge has just the right amount of room, featuring removable shelves and soft interior light for further ease of use. The ability to adjust whatever temperature you please helps you keep mom’s favourite wine at the optimal temperature.

Odds & Ends

Serving food at the tasting? Offer an awesome spread on a Wine & Dine Bamboo Serving Tray. Whether providing cheese, prosciutto, bread or grapes, you’ll be able to serve in style. And once the bottles are uncorked, don’t let them go to waste! These Trudeau Wine Stoppers let you save a bottle over time. They come in a set of 2 colours and are dishwasher safe.