Whether you're hosting a book club, going to a dinner party or meeting friends for happy hour, in our opinion you can’t go wrong with wine. Perfect for every occasion, wine pairs well with meals, is budget friendly when entertaining a crowd and is the universally accepted hostess gift. Although we have yet to reach sommelier status, we’d like to think we know enough to give you a few pointers when it comes to entertaining with wine. Here we have rounded up a few of our favourite links, along with a few items that are perfect for entertaining with wine.

  1. Wine fits any budget and this list compiles 10 white wines under $20. [link]
  2. Wine and cheese is the perfect combination for entertaining and these tips will help you create the ultimate cheese plate. [link]
  3. Wine tags make entertaining a breeze and we’ve created a guide with some of our favourites. [link]
  4. Take the difficulty out of food and wine pairing with this helpful infographic. [link]
  5. Wine glasses matter and this collection will enhance your wine tasting experience. [link]
  6. Not only are wine glasses important, but using a decanter will also enhance the flavours and aromas of your wine. [link]
  7. The easiest way to keep wine chilled to the perfect temperature. [link]

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