The purpose of a beautiful statement piece is to add character to a room by being bold and totally unique. Although it can be a little difficult to imagine in your space at first, keep it mind that it doesn't always have to be the focal point in a room, it can simply add to the overall design. Fortunately, the clean silver lines of this arc lamp make it a very versatile and adaptable item. The possibilities are endless. This chic, modern & contemporary piece will add dimension and cast direct light to liven up any room in your home. Plus, it's a total conversation starter! Today we're showing you 40 beautiful ways to style our Arc Floor Lamp. Oh, and did we mention it's on sale? Get it, here.

1. Arc Floor Lamp
$199.95 ON SALE $159.96 - Available, here.

2. Suri Cushion
$39.95 - Available, here.

3. Hammered Cone Stainless Steel Vase
$199.95 - Available, here.

4. Yves Cosmopolitan Ottoman/Coffee Table
$619.95 - Available, here.

5.Marchesa Rose Frame
$109.95 - Available, here.

6. Painted Camellia Fosted Crystal Bowl
$99.95 - Available, here.

7. Mod Table Set
$199.95 - Available, here.

8. Flowers Flower Accessories
$4.95 - Available, here.

9. Vonn Cushion Collection in Red
$24.95 - Available, here.

10. Fava Leaf Cushion Collection
$26.95 - Available, here.

11. Allegra Cable Knit Throw Collection
$49.95 ON SALE $29.95 - Available, here.

12. Roxy Carpet Desert Fox
$579.95 - Available, here.

13. Marchesa Rose Large Vase
$109.95 - Available, here.

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