Everyone has his or her own particular tastes when it comes to coffee. From the “flat white” to “pour over coffee,” there is always some new way to drink coffee that has everyone talking. The newest trend in coffee these days is cold brewed coffee. And no, we don’t mean iced coffee. Cold brewed coffee is when you brew or steep coffee for an extended period of time using cold water. This is different to iced coffee where you pour hot coffee over ice.
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Cold brewed coffee has a slightly different taste profile and less acidity than regular brewed coffee. Some people also prefer it to regular coffee because it is easier on the stomach with the lower acid levels. The process also makes it more of a coffee concentrate, so you can add water, milk or syrups to it as you see fit and leave the rest in your fridge for later.
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To make cold brewed coffee at home, you can buy a special cold brewed coffee maker or you can use a French Press, or even just a Mason jar or water pitcher with a coffee filter. With a French Press, all you need to do is add the coffee and water to it and then leave overnight before plunging (instructions here). The water to coffee ratio should be about 4:1, or 5:1 for darker coffee. You can then serve the coffee as is, with some ice like an iced coffee or even heated up.

That is all you need to make the latest cool thing in coffee. If you prefer someone else make it for you, then ask a barista if the coffee shop has cold brewed coffee or look out for bottled cold brewed coffee at some specialty food stores and markets.

You Might Need:
Double wall mugs