When buying a coffee machine, there are so many things to think about – what type of coffee do you prefer to drink, how often do you plan on using your machine etc.
When researching which coffee machine to buy, the mistake that many people fall into, is just looking at the price and picking the cheapest one. However, the cheapest machine at the outset may end up costing you much more down the line.

At Linen Chest, we're here to help make the decision easier for you.
We’ve got a range of coffee machines to offer, so whether you like it dark and bitter or sweet and frothy, there’s something for everyone. A coffee machine is an extension of your personality, your tastes and your lifestyle. Need help? Watch the video to see our different machines in action and learn more about each type below:

Manual Coffee Machines
If you’re the hands-on sort, look at our manual espresso machines for some inspiration. Manual machines work with a lever mechanism and they’re often celebrated as the “original coffee machine”: involving a fair bit of effort and attention. But as any Barista worth his brew will tell you, coffee making is a labour of love. Manual machines combine the heady flavour of espresso with the equally intoxicating romance of making it by hand. Shop Manual Machines.

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines
If you enjoy grinding, tamping and dosing the coffee on your own but you don’t want to have too much to do, semi-automatic coffee machines are the ideal option. The machine’s pump will add the water and prepare the brew. You can set temperature levels and switch the pump on and off. The steam that comes through the machine can also be used to froth milk. There is usually an attachment at the side of the machine where you can heat your milk for lattes and produce extra froth for cappuccinos or macchiatos. Semi-automatic machines will let you control the amount of coffee prepared.

However, in order to produce a proper espresso, you need to ensure that your coffee is ground to the correct fineness. Therefore, you must buy pre-ground coffee designed for that machine, or purchase a separate coffee grinder and grind them yourself to the desired level. Shop Semi-Automatic Machines.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines
Automatic machines are a great investment if you want a coffee maker that’s more magic than machine. These do all the hard work for you: from grinding the coffee and tamping it to brewing it. There are controls and preset options for just about every step of the process. Whether you want an espresso, cappuccino, or latte, you're presented with a range of options to choose from. Depending on the model you choose, all you really need to do is make sure the water container and the bean hopper are filled.

Due to the fact the machine will grind your beans perfectly for you, you can pick any whole-bean coffee from anywhere in the world and know it will be compatible with your machine. You can even mix a couple of beans together to create your own signature brew.

If you’re looking for an automatic machine that’s pure excellence, our line of Delonghi machines is where it’s at. These automated coffee machines will guarantee you get the perfect cup of coffee each time, by any beans necessary! Shop Fully Automatic Machines. 

Capsule Systems
If you don’t have time to spare in the morning, then perhaps a capsule coffee machine is more suited for you.The coffee is mixed together, roasted and crushed before being packaged into capsules. These coffee pods can stay fresh for quite a long time and each pod makes one cup. All you have to do is load a capsule into the machine and the hot water will do the rest: it breaks open the seal and mixes with the coffee blend to create the perfect cup each time. Capsule machines are great for when you’re short on time and if you’re only looking to make a couple of cups per day. Make sure to check out our line of Nespresso or Caffitaly machine. Shop Capsule Machines.

Factoring in the Costs
If you’re worried about the price tag, consider this: if you’re a family of coffee drinkers or you entertain regularly, an automatic machine is the more economical choice. When you do the math you’ll find that the price per cup is significantly cheaper with the automatic machines (15 cents) than the capsule machines (65 cents). This might not mean much if you don’t drink a lot of coffee but if you’re making around 5-7 cups a day (the average for most families) the difference could be as much as $2000 a year! Semi-automatic machines are probably the best value for money, but they do require doing some work in order to make the coffee. However, if you just want a fancy machine that looks good and will only use it occasionally for entertaining, then why not try out something from our Nespresso or Caffitaly range.

Still Need Help?
If you are still not sure which coffee machine is best for you, visit any of our 30 stores to explore the machines at our interactive espresso bar. We'll be happy to let you try our machines and answer any of your questions in order to find the perfect match :) 


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