What are decanters and why do we use them? Decanting is essentially the process of pouring the contents of a bottle of wine into another vessel (typically a decanter).

There are 2 reasons why we decant wines:
1) To separate the sediment from the wine (especially in older ones)
2) To give the wine a chance to mix with oxygen. ('breathe')

Allowing your wine to breathe will not only open up aromas and flavours but it will also improve the taste and overall experience. Next time you swirl the wine in your glass, know that you are in a small way adding to this process! Nowadays, decanters come in a wide variety of unique shapes & sizes that add aesthetic value to your table. Today, we've rounded up some of our personal favourites ranging from a low of $24.95 up to $399.95. Enjoy:

1) Riedel Curly Clear Decanter
The curl of this beautiful decanter acts as a tool to open the wine up, allowing it to breathe. The decanter creates a series of air pockets which charge the wine with oxygen as it is poured so that it can be enjoyed at its best. It will make a beautiful centrepiece on any dinner table.
$275 - Get it, here.
Riedel Curly Clear Decanter
2) WMF Easy Pour Decanter
This elegantly designed WMF Easy Pour decanter is the highlight of the range with its sleek lines and gentle curves. Its long straight neck and rounded base is ideal for optimal aeration to ensure proper breathing and release of delicate aromas. Made of crystal.
$59.95 - Get it, here.
WMF Easy Pour decanter
3) Conundrum Aerator Decanter
The unique design of this decanter helps to enhance both flavour and arome, while aerating the wine before serving.
$29.95 - Get it, here.
Conundrum Aerator Decanter
4) Riedel Amadeo Decanter
Master glassmakers for 250 years, the Riedel Family have always been a leader in terms of wine glasses. In 2006, Riedel has designed the Amadeo Decanter to celebrate the 250th birthday of Riedel and Amadeus Mozart. It’s a true masterpiece!
$399.95 - Get it, here.
Riedel Amadeo Decanter
5) WMF Jette Wine Decanter
The WMF Jette wine decanter gets thumbs up for beauty, value and functionality. This hand-blown decanter features an angled pour spout that creates a stunning effect. Decanting exposes the wine to more oxygen, thus allowing the bouquet to open up and mature, while the wines complexities are further enhanced. Also, the jette wine decanter is equipped with a nice Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel base.
$79.95 - Get it, here.
WMF Jette wine decanter
6) Trudeau Tavola Decanter
The Tavola decanter will certainly complements your wineglasses. This mouth blown decanter is made of clear, pure glass. Its wide bowl and long, slender neck are perfect for aerating both red and white varietals. The well-proportioned handle eases pouring.
$24.95 - Get it, here.
Trudeau Tavola Decanter
7) Riedel Spiegelau Decanter
This Spiegelau Loop Decanter is designed with an innovative cut-out hole in the middle of the body, which makes for handy holding and a creative and chic design. Made of crystal.
$99.95 - Get it, here.
Riedel - Spiegelau Decanter
8) Comet Wine Decanter with Handle
Serve your wine in style with this elegant decanter.
$49.95 - Get it, here.
Comet Wine Decanter with Handle
Do you decant your wine? Do you find it makes a difference? Let us know :)