Welcome Spring by Making These 6 Bedroom ChangesAs the primary place for rest and relaxation, the bedroom is incredibly influential on our mental state. So when climbing out from your hibernation this spring, you better not waste any time freshening up the room for the new season.

Breathing the room to life is only a matter of making a few small changes—replacing a sheet here, adding a rug there—and need not be an overwhelming task. We’ve got a checklist of major areas you’ll want to check when freshening up a bedroom just in time for spring.

1) Work on the Walls
One could repaint the walls to a more “springy” colour, but that process is time-consuming. If you can’t change the room’s main colour, mix and match new accents by switching up the wall art. New art keeps the space from going stale, and you can introduce designs that fit better with the season—like pastels and bright, vibrant colours.

Be sure to keep one wall completely bare. This gives the eyes a place to rest, keeping the room from being too overpowering.

2) Add a Scent or Two
When we think of spring, we often think of beautiful floral scents. You can add soothing fragrances to the bedroom in many ways. We have a wide collection of air freshening fragrances from Lampe Berger, offering a variety of aromas.

For something subdued, dab a few drops of essential oil on our pillow. This way, you can lull yourself to sleep with your favorite scent!

If your dresser drawers are getting musty, deodorize by pouring in some baking soda. The next day you can vacuum the baking soda up.

3) Upgrade Your Bedding
Say goodbye to heavy comforters and stuffy flannel, and do away with gloomy colours. Instead, use lighter bedsheets that are more comfortable for warmer weather. Go for a quality, high thread count and interesting designs that conjure up sunny feelings of spring! Adding in some pillows, too, is a great way to maximize comfort while playing with colour.

4) Declutter Your Nightstand
A cluttered nightstand can lead to a cluttered state of mind when going to sleep, so taking some time to clean it up goes a long way to freshening up the bedroom. Add candles, photo frames and other fun trinkets.

5) Embellish the Space
Completely reinvent your room by introducing some new furniture. Consider other ways you can use the space besides resting: perhaps you want to do some late-night reading, or need a vanity for putting on makeup? Assess your needs for some private space, and add some accessorizing furniture.

Rugs and plants are another solution to adding colourful embellishments to a bedroom space. Of course, there’s no better way to freshen up a room than to include some plants and flowers.

6) Let There be Light
With lighter curtains, you can bring in a healthy dose of warm sunlight in the morning. But that’s not all—you may also want to switch out your bedroom lightbulbs for ones that are less harsh. A lower wattage is best for the brighter time of year, and duller lights are generally best for creating a sleepy atmosphere towards the end of the day.