If it’s been a while since your last trip to the spa, rest assured that you can still pamper yourself at home—and at a fraction of the price. One simple way to enjoy the spa experience without leaving the house is to upgrade to luxurious bathroom linens. If you want to soak up and towel off in style this season, try introducing one or a few of the items below to your linen closet.

Soft, Plush Towels

Towels provide immediate warmth and comfort after bathing. This collection of Linese Lurex towels is made from 100% cotton and comes in two chic styles, light and dark. Easy on the eye and soft to the touch, the collection is perfect for those who want a little bit of luxury without a heavy price tag. The Tricade towel collection is just as comfortable and features a handsome design with four different colours. If you’re looking for maximum comfort for your at-home spa, try the feel of jacquard velour with Lorena towels.

Fabulous Floors

Bath rugs don’t only keep your floor dry; they also enhance the bathroom atmosphere with fluffy textures or soothing designs. The cloud cotton bath rug feels just the way to sounds: like stepping onto a cloud after a shower. If you prefer an even fluffier experience, try a lux plush microfiber rug, one of the softest you can buy. When it comes to aesthetic, decorate your spa with this attractive Marmara bath rug that evokes the thought of cool marble.

Lounge in Luxury

Your spa experience shouldn’t finish up once you’ve left the bathroom—lounge a little! This velour plush robe will hold you in a soft, warm embrace. Treat your feet to some snuggly softness as well with Ugg slippers. The coquette slippers by Ugg have a wonderfully comfortable sheepskin collar, but those looking for comfort all over might prefer the birche pair, which features a sheepskin upper as well. Finally, if you have long hair that takes a moment to dry, consider wrapping it in a cosy hair turban available in two colours.

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