A visit to the spa always sounds so wonderful after a long week. If you’re dreaming of a two-hour spa appointment that lets you soak in the tub with a nice glass of wine and the smell of eucalyptus oils in the air - this post is for you!

Your spa dreams can become a reality at home! Keeping items in your bathroom that remind you of a luxurious trip to the spa can make your space feel more relaxing day-to-day. It can also let you enjoy a spa night to yourself, without travelling anywhere.

Here’s how to treat yourself to a spa night right at home.

  1. Use essential oils. Add some essential oils to give the space a spa-like, relaxing aroma. We suggest our Ultrasonic USB Diffuser and Wellness Essential Oil Set but you can also opt to spray your room with our lovely Room Spray.

  2. Run a hot bath. Spend some time in a hot bath while reading your favourite book, listening to a new playlist or sipping on a glass of wine. Our popular Bamboo Bathtub Caddy will help you keep everything within reach without getting wet. We also suggest getting a plush bath mat like our Waffle Reversible Bath Rug to keep your feet warm and off your bathroom tile.

  3. Start scrubbing. Use a Body Brush to soften and clean your skin. Post-bath, follow up with lotion from our Epicure Lotion Dispenser to make sure your skin is looking its best.

  4. Get comfortable. Once you are all relaxed and ready, put on our super soft UGG Blanche II Robe and matching fluffy UGG Oh Yeah Slippers.

  5. Take a deep breath and relax.

Have a relaxing, care-free spa session!

Shop the Items:

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  3. Bamboo Shower Caddy
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  5. Waffle Reversible Bath Rug
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  8. UGG Blanche II Robe
  9. Ultrasonic USB Diffuser and Wellness Essential Oil Set
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