In a home full of wood, tile, or carpet, it can be hard to create designated seating areas simply with furniture. Area rugs play a huge role in not only decorating your home but also in differentiating living spaces — especially if you’re tackling an open floor plan. So, when you’re deciding which rugs should occupy your rooms, consider layering them for a professionally designed look.

These guidelines will show you how to create this effect, whether you’re seeking a subtle style or bold pop.

Develop a Colour Palette
Before you start layering, decide which colours you want to highlight in your area rug to accompany your furniture. If your seating options are neutral, you can continue this colour palette onto the floors by selecting soft-toned area rugs in shades of cream, beige, and gray. You can also switch it up by choosing colourful rugs for a fun pop.

However, if you are working with colourful furniture, you can also select a spotlight hue to feature in your rugs to tie the room together. For example, if you have a navy velvet couch, pick a rug that features the same shade and is accompanied by other pops like lavender and gold. These secondary pops can then carry into your layered rug for a cohesive look.

Mix Patterns & Fabrics
Once you’ve chosen your colours, feel free to explore rugs that feature different looks. Don’t be afraid to mix stripes and florals or persian themes with cowhide options. For a simpler look, you can also layer one bold-patterned rug with a solid-coloured one to tone it down.

If you’d prefer to layer solid rugs together, then choose a variety of fabrics to create texture. Wool knotted rugs look great with woven sisal rugs. Or, you can put a plush fur over a cotton-blend option.

Embrace Asymmetry
Now that you’ve planned and gathered your area rugs of choice, it’s time to place them in your living space. The best way to accomplish a homey, lived-in look is to layer your rugs in an asymmetrical fashion. By laying a rug diagonally across the corner of another, you create visual interest as well as a designated space for a club chair or ottoman.

Rugs can also offer an asymmetrical look themselves; you can select a rug that’s not a perfect rectangle. Don’t be afraid to choose a circular rug or one that doesn’t quite conform to any particular shape — like a sheep skin.

If you love creating dynamic spaces with a cozy feel, you’ll love the layered look. Plus, area rugs are easy to move around to different rooms in your home whenever you want to switch up your interior decor or rearrange their placement along with furniture. However you choose to do it, have fun with your new setup!

Looking For Inspiration? 
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