Summer has officially begun, which means it is time to head out to your backyard and soak up the sun! Grab your sunblock, an ice-cold beverage, and your laptop because your backyard is about to elevate to the next level.

There is nothing better than loving and feeling relaxed in the space you are spending time in. Transform your backyard into a paradise inspired by bohemian, yet chic notes that will keep you tranquil and on-trend. 

Since this space is outdoors, it is only fitting to have the theme be inspired by nature. Incorporating wicker or wooden pieces, such as our Bao 3-Piece Bistro Set and our Madelyn Rectangular 3-Tier Trolley, helps to give a natural feel. Keeping the colour palette of your space neutral with tones of green keeps the nature element alive.

Allow the furniture pieces to shine by tying together your space with a soft, light-toned area rug, like our Spectrum Maze Carpet. Adding decorative pieces will certainly pull this space together. Mixing up textures and shapes will add to the bohemian vibe, while the darker metal accents will contribute to the chic element. Dont forget to finish off your space with plants and minimal accent decor! Happy Relaxing!


  1. Bao 3 Piece Bistro Set
  2. Earth Luxe Soy Scented Candle
  3. Safari and Metropolis Collection Pillow
  4. Decorated Vase Collection by Torre Tagus
  5. Diamond Collection by Torre Tagus
  6. Decorative Hand Sculptures by Torre Tagus
  7. Villa Potted Plant by Torre Tagus
  8. Madelyn Rectangular 3 Tier Trolley
  9. Spectrum Maze Carpet
  10. Solaro Potted Plant Collection by Torre Tagus