It is that time of year again! Heading off to school isn’t always an easy process, so we have put together the ultimate dorm room checklist to make sure your campus housing will feel like a home away from home.

Storage Essentials
Most campus housing tends to be on the smaller side, so you must make the most of your space by using smart storage options.

1. Organizer Collection
This foldable organizer collection features storage boxes, drawers and laundry compartments that will allow you to bring and store more of your items.

2. Mottled Laundry Bin
Since you will most likely be taking your laundry to a community laundry room, investing in a durable and easy to transport laundry bin is very important.

3. Extendable 2-Tier Shoe Rack
Finding a space for your shoes in a tiny dorm room can be hard, so having a shoe rack is a lifesaver.

4. Madelyn Rectangular 3-Tier Trolley
This is a great option for a nightstand because it has three shelves that can also be used as additional storage space. It is also on wheels which makes it very easy to move throughout the room.

Bedding Essentials
Once you pick out your duvet cover or bedding, there are still several decisions to make and details to consider. These items can be easy to overlook when packing, but they are a must if you want a comfy bed at school.

5. Prima 200 Thread Count Sheet Collection
Almost all dorm rooms include a twin extra-long mattress, so make sure to get a couple sets of twin extra-long sheets to last you the entire year.

6. Bamboo Mattress Pad
To make your dorm mattress as comfortable as possible, purchase a twin XL mattress pad to place on top of the bed.

7. Buglock Plus Mattress Protector
In addition to your mattress pad, you might want to get a mattress protector to fight against things like bed bugs. Better safe than sorry!

Decor Essentials
Adding decor into your dorm room is one of the main ways to make your new space feel like home. Below are some ideas for both the girls and the guys!

8. Mongolian Lamb Cushion
Not only is this pillow adorable, but it is super cozy as well. It comes in twelve different colours, so you will easily be able to match it to the rest of your room.

9. Hudson Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug
This faux fur rug goes perfectly with the pillow above. It is soft, sophisticated and will add some extra style to your dorm room.

10. Energy Cushion
With a simple waffle texture and several colours to choose from, this pillow is a great option for the guys.

11. Westlake Shade Rug
To match the pillow above, we have selected this Westlake Shade Rug. It's simple and sleek design will create a cohesive look in the space.

Bathroom Essentials
Whether your dorm has a communal bathroom or more secluded bathrooms, you are most likely sharing a bathroom space with other people. Because of this, we recommend a few items to help you avoid any awkward bathroom encounters.

12. Storit Shower Caddy
When sharing a bathroom with others, a shower caddy is a must. It is the easiest way to keep all of your things organized and separate from others.

13. Yook & Hook Over The Door Hook
You will also need a place to hang your bath towels. These hooks can be easily wall-mounted or hung over-the-door. They are great for hanging towels, jackets and even bags.

14. Jacquard Terry Velour Bathrobe
Robes are always a good post-shower option, but they are especially useful when you have to use a communal bathroom. Slipping on a robe makes the walk back to your room after showering a little less stressful!