As you’ve been spending more time at home, you might be toying with the idea of starting a big spring cleaning by decluttering some (or all) of your rooms.

Decluttering a whole house might seem scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We have a few ideas on how to make the whole decluttering process more manageable.

1. Start with the Easiest Room
The room that fills you with dread is a challenge for later. Start with the easiest room in the house - like the bathroom or the mud room.

Decluttering is a process that gets easier as you go, so start the momentum in a small room that does not have too many items you’re emotionally tied to.

When you see the results of the first decluttered room, you’ll be more motivated to continue the process and tackle the next room.

If a whole room is too overwhelming right now, that’s okay! Start with a drawer, a closet, or a section of a room and build from there.

2. Set a Goal
It is always easier to work towards a goal, and decluttering is no exception. What’s your motivation for decluttering? Is it to bring more calming spaces into your home or is it to be more efficient every morning instead of having the family run around? Is it to move on from a phase of your life or is it to simply refresh the house?

If you can clearly see the goal and the purpose of the decluttering, it will be easier and more rewarding to get through it.

3. Time It
Short bursts of decluttering are incredibly productive. Set a timer so you’ll know when to stop and move on to the next part of your day. Working in small increments will help reduce stress because it makes it feel much more manageable.

Also make sure to add it to your schedule. Maybe the whole family can spend half an hour on Saturdays tackling another section of the house or maybe you can squeeze in 10 minutes every morning. Make it work with your lifestyle!

4. Stay Focused
Don’t get roped into walking down memory lane at every moment. Put items in a dedicated box that you want to browse through after your timed decluttering session.

It’s also a good idea to finish one section at a time. If you’re going through the closet, don’t get distracted and start working on the nightstand. Keep focused and the whole process will be faster.

5. Throw Away Perfection
Instagram photos are staged. Pinterest photos are staged. You don’t get to see the items that were moved outside the frame. Aiming for this level of minimalism is often not conducive to living day-to-day in your house. You need some stuff to get by!

Throw out your idea of what a “perfect decluttering” looks like. All progress is worth celebrating.

6. Make it an Experience
Just like cleaning the house, you can do things to make it slightly more entertaining. Wear comfortable clothes, turn up the music, light your favourite candle, and mix your favourite drink.

If you want your kids to help out, make a game out of it.

7. Just Start
The hardest part of decluttering is beginning to declutter. Procrastinating does not help reduce feelings of being overwhelmed - in fact, procrastinating makes it worse. Don’t overthink the process! Get started with one place in your house and the rest will follow.

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