You deserve to feel like you are in a spa each time you walk into your bathroom. Let’s transform this space into a one-of-a-kind, blissful oasis!

  1. Colour Palette
    To allow this space to come to life, it is essential to choose a colour palette that is easy on the eye and will keep you tranquil whenever you enter the space. Warm tones and muted colours is a great way to go! The off-white colours paired with the wooden and green accents will add a natural feel.
  2. Textures
    Adding texture into this space will elevate it to the next level. Since we are decorating to create the feeling of a spa, it is important to not overcrowd the area with lots of decor. Instead, choose a few pieces and rely on their textures to keep the calmness flowing through the space.
  3. Bath Linens
    Typically, bathrooms have mats. Switch it up and prevent dirty fabric by using our minimal and earthy Bamboo Bath Mat. Be sure to grab some plush and textured towels, like our Palma Towel Collection to get that luxurious, spa feel.
  4. Storage
    Bathrooms are infamous for their miscellaneous counter items. Prevent this by storing smaller objects in a simple and lovely box, like our Agate Storage Box.
  5. Wall Decor
    Now it’s time for the finishing touches! Using minimal wall space is a great way to avoid counter clutter and keep your space feeling open. Hang some framed artwork or plants on the wall that matches your colour palette, such as our Petal II Picture and Frame and Trigg Wall Vases by Umbra.

Happy relaxing!


  1. Trigg Wall Vases by Umbra
  2. Bamboo Bath Mat
  3. Kensington Tissue Box
  4. Oria Bath Accessories Collection
  5. Winoma Large Hanging Mirror
  6. Fresh Eucalyptus Scented Candle by Maison Berger Paris
  7. Petal II Picture and Frame
  8. Ridges Bath Accessories Collection by Elle
  9. Palma Towel Collection by Kassatex
  10. Bamboo Toothbrush by Oriwest
  11. Agate Storage Box Collection by Torre & Tagus