Everyone has that one area in their home that they don’t know what to do with. The simple solution is to try adding a bar cart! This will not only eliminate clutter from your kitchen but it also adds a sophisticated element to your overall home. 

  1. Decide on a Colour Palette
    Coming up with a colour palette is so important when decorating your bar cart. Since the cart is such a small space, it’s very easy to overcrowd it and throw off the area with too many colourful items. Choosing a metal, a texture, and two colours is a great way to decide exactly what “vibe” your bar cart will embody and make deciding which decor to buy that much easier.
  2. Pick Your Bar Cart
    Beginning with the cart itself, a trimmed gold one, like our Tess 2-tier Trolley, is a nice option as it's elegant, sturdy, has glass shelving, and would be a great base for the rest of the cart essentials. It also comes in silver and black, shop all of our bar carts >
  3. Fill Up with Bar Essentials (the fun part)
    Some recommendations: neutral and absorbent kitchen linens, a good quality metal shaker, and an assortment of glasses. It’s also a great idea to keep a tray on board for easy hosting and serving needs, such as our Savoy Mosaic Tray. This is also a fun way to add some pops of colour onto your cart.
  4. The Extras
    As far as extras go, there are so many different pieces that will spruce up your cart. When crafting up different cocktails, a garnishes organizer is so convenient and so are bartender tools (this Barbell set is stunning). Be sure to keep your extra items within the colour palette to keep your bar cart on track to looking clean and less cluttered.

Happy mixing!