Waking up in the morning is difficult enough. The key is looking forward to something in the morning that will get you out of bed and starting the day. For many, coffee is that very thing. But after a while, coffee in the morning gets boring since it could be repetitive.

Elevating the designated space you make your coffee will bring a whole new meaning to your morning cup.” Start by choosing an area on your counters, such as the end or a corner, that will give you just enough space. 

Choosing a simple colour palette (neutral and warm tones) will eliminate the clutter feel and keep the area feeling clean and airy. The coffee maker will be the focal point of this area, so we will design around it.

Keep your sugar and coffee grounds in lovely, simple canisters, like our Chalet Chic Serveware, and why not display your favorite mugs on our minimal Mug Tree. For a small space like this, it comes down to the details to pull it together. Display our Golden Spoons and Stainless Steel Straws right beside our small Electronic Milk Frother and Spoon Rest. Grouping decor in groups of three is easier on the eye and keeps the space looking open. 

Finish off your space with our Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker to add yet another sophisticated element. Enjoy!


  1. Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker
  2. 5 Piece Coffee Tools
  3. Enamel Look Assorted Mug Collection
  4. Elemental Spoon Rest by Maxwell Williams
  5. Reusable Stainless Steel Straws by Danesco
  6. Double Set of 2 Mugs by Brilliant
  7. Electronic Milk Frother by Cafe Culture
  8. Evoluo Deluxe Black Capsule Machine by Nespresso
  9. Danesco Acacia Mug Tree
  10. Chalet Chic Serveware Collection