This Mother’s Day, Make Mom a Spa in a BasketThis Mother’s Day, offer a gift from the heart. A DIY home spa kit is a luxurious gift you can make yourself, customized to your mother’s taste. It’s also pretty easy to set up: simply collect the necessary ingredients into a nice basket, decorate it with coloured cellophane wrap and ribbons, and that’s it!

Not sure what to include to give mom her very own at-home spa? That’s fine—here’s a checklist.

1) Soaps, Lotions & Scrubs
The most essential and useful items in your spa kit should be the soaps and lotions—after all, they’re the main ingredient for bathing! Consider your mother’s favorite scents: does she typically like something floral? Fruity? Minty, perhaps? Let your nose be your guide. Make sure to check out these gorgeous rose flower soaps.

2) Brushes & Sponges
A bamboo brush is sturdy and will help mom scrub hard-to-reach places—especially if she’s a bit older. Scrub sponges are essential for exfoliating, and are small enough to fit a couple in a spa kit.

3) Towels—Both Comfy and Cute
In addition to soaps and lotions, it's a good idea to include a nice towel or two. While comfort goes a long way, look for something that’s visually stimulating or is patterned. You can shop our towel collection for more here. And don’t forget a hair wrap!

4) Scents
Soap shouldn’t be the only source of a fresh aroma; consider adding some sort of aromatherapy your mother can indulge in throughout the house. We offer a wide selection of Lampe Berger scents (which also purifies the air).

Another option is our room sprays. These are great because it just takes a quick spritz to liven up a room with a fresh, natural aroma.

5) Get Moody with Candlelight
We’ve covered some bathing essentials, but haven’t discussed an easily forgotten ingredient: atmosphere! A couple of candles adds moody lighting to a luxurious, spa-like bath, so don’t forget to add a few to your kit. Tea lights are great for this purpose, but we like these compact, scented candles, too—they can be used in the bath or around the house, and are made of vegetable wax.

6) Finally, Some Foot Care
Our feet take a great deal of abuse throughout the day. For the finishing touch, give mom a couple things she can use to make her feet feel pampered. This 4-in-1 foot tool will give her feet smooth skin. And once she’s finished and relaxed, she can slip her feet into the ultra-comfortable Ugg slippers.