With Mother’s Day in less than a month, it’s time to start preparing what to do for your mom and mother figures in your life. Some people are in isolation with their mothers but many people will be celebrating this day from a distance for the first time. No matter what the situation, Mother’s Day should still be celebrated at full force!

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Mother’s Day at home or from a distance.

1. Start Planning… NOW
For years, we’ve all been able to purchase last-minute gifts for every occasion. Whether you popped into a store or ordered online with express shipping, there was never a risk of going without a gift. This year, it’s different. Physical stores are, of course, closed. Online stores are busier than ever. Things just take a little bit longer - especially the items that are “not essential.” If you’re planning to buy a gift, a card, or supplies to make something - it is time to order it right this moment. If an item needs to get to your house so you can repackage it and mail it to the recipient, then you need even more time to make that happen.

2. Create Something Special
This pandemic has helped us all re-evaluate the priorities in our lives. It’s possible you want to move away from a more traditional gift and towards a unique, homemade gift. Just like when we were kids, our moms will appreciate any gift that we spent time on. Many of us have some wide-open schedules that will allow for a few homemade gifts. If you’re not particularly artsy, consider putting together a “care package” of sorts. Put together a box of items she’ll love or items that remind you of her. Including some mementos will make it extra special!

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3. Spend Quality Time Together
Whether you’re living under the same roof or celebrating from a distance, make sure to plan some quality time together. Organize a virtual chat date with just the two of you or with the whole family. Video calling someone makes it feel much more personal than a phone call. You can always plan for a unique activity during your phone call, like hosting a virtual brunch or having a DIY spa day where you both pamper yourselves on opposite ends of the call.

4. Send Over a Meal
If you can cook a meal for your mom, you should definitely do that. If you aren’t in the same house, then consider ordering a meal for your mom. You can pop in a few bonus items to an online grocery order or you can special-order some ready-to-eat meals from local stores. If you’re planning to provide food, make sure to prepare your grocery order ahead of time as online deliveries are fairly booked. If possible, see if you can both have the same meal and enjoy it together with a glass of wine over a video call.

5. Gift the Perfect Present
Support a local store and curate special presents for the women in your life. It doesn’t have to be a big gift - it is simply to show you’re thinking of them during this difficult time. Everyone likes receiving surprises in the mail and Mother’s Day is a great reason to do a little bit of shopping!

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6. Write a Meaningful Letter
Take this time to write a letter to your mom or mother figure expressing how grateful you are for their love and support. You can write a serious letter about how much she means to your life, or you can write a humorous poem stating all the times she was “right.” A handwritten note or card - given in person or sent in the mail - is one of the best gifts you can give someone.

Mother’s Day isn’t limited to your biological mom. It’s a day to celebrate all the supportive women around you - so send a small token of appreciation to your mom, grandmother, aunts, cousins and friends.

Good luck celebrating from afar! It’s a tough celebration to miss but the more we practice social distancing, the faster we’ll be able to give our moms a big hug!