Treat Mom to a Terrarium This Mother’s DayYou don’t need a green thumb to make this cute Mother’s Day DIY! Terrariums are simple to make, and they’re pretty fun, too. A tiny desktop garden is a great gift for anyone who enjoys nature, and you can custom-design yours based on your mom’s taste and aesthetic.

With the right container and choice of plants, you can create an exquisite display in just a few minutes.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A container
  • Potting charcoal (if your container is enclosed)
  • Sand, soil and gravel/stones
  • The plants!
  • Little decorations/ornaments (optional)

Tips for Starting Out
Any see-through container can make for a great terrarium! We’ve got some recommended containers, vases and bowls at the bottom of this post.

As for plant recommendations, succulents are small and visually attractive. They’re also rather hardy, making them perfect for an open terrarium garden. If your terrarium is enclosed, choose plants that enjoy humidity. Baby’s tears, creeping fig and African violet are good go-to terrarium plants to start with. As far as the ground layer goes, moss is another option.

How to Make Your Terrarium/Desk Garden
First, begin by placing the charcoal and gravel as a drainage layer at the bottom of the container. Add a layer of sand, then soil. Altogether, the stratum should take maybe 1/3 the height of your container, with the soil layer being thicker than each of the others. When placing the soil, make some holes for the plants’ roots that you’ll add in.

Now you can add the plants! Add the largest one first to ensure you have room, then place the smaller plants. Get creative and pay attention to space. Don’t forget to leave some room for ornaments, if you plan on adding any.

Terrarium Upkeep
The reason why terrariums are so attractive is that they need minimal upkeep. Keep your terrarium in indirect sunlight, or the plants may get too hot. Each week, mist it with a little spritz of water. If your terrarium is enclosed, it’ll trap humidity in and should need no real maintenance.


Montville Cement Planter

Oro Collection Vase

Kate Spade Gardner Street Bowl by Lenox

Lightbulb Vase Collection


Treat Mom to a Terrarium This Mother’s DayTreat Mom to a Terrarium This Mother’s DayTreat Mom to a Terrarium This Mother’s Day