There’s no better gift than one that you make yourself. This Valentine’s Day, show your partner you care with a thoughtfully curated spa gift basket that they can really use. Better than a box of chocolates, a home spa kit provides everything your loved one needs to pamper themselves and de-stress. This simple, last-minute gift can be easily tailored to the recipient’s preferences and tastes.

Making a spa kit to give as a gift is easy. Just start with a basket, then fill it up! We’ve broken down products to include by categories, so you can ensure you’ve included all the essentials. Pick just a couple items from each category, or go all out!

Start with Soaps

Soaps and lotions are essential to an at-home spa experience, so they should be the centerpiece of your gift basket. Pick out a few bars of soap and a lotion or two that you think your partner would enjoy. Should you go with flowery, fruity scents or clean, fresh ones? Our Aromatherapy Soap Collection cleanses the body while offering a variety of soothing scents. For something truly special, throw in a few bath bombs. Bath bombs add everything you need to a relaxing bath—bubbles, colour, essential oils—in one handy package with a delightful fizz. The Three-Piece Bath Bomb Set by Relaxus makes for an excellent addition to a spa kit. Finally, add a lotion. The Coconut Water Hibiscus Hand Cream by Upper Canada Soap moisturizes the hands and transports your loved one to a tropical paradise.

Include the Necessary Tools

How will your loved one apply their new soaps, lathers and lotions? Include a spa tool that will help them exfoliate and scrub. The Home Spa Bamboo Brush Collection is essential for scrubbing and skin care, as is our 2-in-1 Massaging Bath Brush. The Sisal Glove provides an easy and intuitive way to exfoliate and lather all over the body.

Spa tools aren’t limited to exfoliation. Include an extra accessory like Harmony Rollers for massaging. A complete manicure set by Danielle Creations is another great accessory if your partner enjoys nail care. And while it might not fit in a DIY spa kit basket, an iComfort Foot Massager makes for a luxurious gift for your loved one.

Add Some Atmosphere

Include treats that give off a soothing, romantic atmosphere. Include aromatherapy options in your basket. The Vaze Ultrasonic Diffuser diffuses essential oils into the atmosphere without the need for heat.  For a simple and instant scent, include a Greenleaf Scented Spray. Candles can be a great way to include scents and romantic lighting, so include an Aromabotanical Mini Candle or Elegant Cotton Scented Candle. Finally, consider offering some herbal tea.

Use Linens for the Finishing Touch

Be sure to include linens that will help your loved one relax after their bath. A new bath robe is essential, and our Blanche Robe by Ugg provides maximum softness and comfort. Let them walk on clouds with the ultra-soft Scuffette II Slippers by Ugg. If the recipient has long hair, add in a Spa Turbo Twist Hair Towel Wrap to help it dry and stay out of the way.

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