Be the Airbnb Host with the MostAirbnb has taken the world by storm, offering everyday people the chance to open their doors to guests and meet new people. Upending the traditional hospitality industry, its users are empowered to make a little extra money off their homes, and travelers can make arrangements for cheaper than a hotel room.

If you’re offering a space on Airbnb, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing everything you can as a host to make your guest’s stay a success. One way to do this is to provide an awesome night’s sleep for them!

1) Make Your Bed Comfy—But Cute
Comfort is one thing, but an important goal is to make the bed look truly beautiful. After all, your listing’s photos are what attracts prospective guests! Therefore, the room should be clean and photogenic—and being the centrepiece of the room, we’ll focus most on the bed.

You want to pull out all the stops: comfortable sheet set, duvet cover and extra cozy pillows. Stick to a complete set to ensure the bed is as attractive as possible, but feel free to get creative with your decorative cushion selection to add interesting plays on colour. We have a stunning array of complete bedding sets, in a variety of colours—shop them here.

Offer many layers, with thin sheets at the bottom and a thicker blanket and comforter at the top. Lots of pillows are good, too; guests can remove any ones that they don’t want to use.

But before you make the bed, freshen up the mattress by sprinkling some baking soda on top. Let it sit overnight, then vacuum up the next day. If you haven’t flipped or rotated the mattress yet this season, do so; it’ll feel like new! You can freshen things up further by adding a couple drops of essential oils to pillows. This gives them a soothing, relaxing scent that will lull your guest to sleep.

Go the extra mile by offering a bathrobe and slippers for added relaxation. This Jacquard bathrobe is unisex and luxurious, with 100% cotton. You may also offer extra linens accessible to guests—say, in the bedroom closet—so they can reach for more as needed.

2) Add a Little Ambiance
Harsh lighting can make it more difficult to fall asleep, so offer some different lighting options. Candles or dimming lights allow your guest to relax a little before they go to bed. Scented candles like the Encore collection pull double duty by offering mood lighting with a fragrance: lemongrass, pomegranate or coconut cream.

Some people sleep best with a little bit of background noise, like a running fan. To accommodate guests like this, include a radio or speaker that guests can connect their devices to for playing white, pink or brown noise. You might even offer some app suggestions (or CD’s) for atmospheric sounds designed for sleeping to. This information can be placed on a card or note beside the speaker.

3) Offer a Little Extra
Reading is an excellent way to calm the mind before a good night’s sleep, so offer guests a little bit of reading material besides what’s on their phone. Gather magazines of varying interests and gather them in a magazine rack (our Gazette magazine rack is perfect for this).

You may also want to offer a beverage station on a table or dresser in the room, too. Obviously, offering coffee and snacks can help guests tackle the day—but you might include decaf tea for late-night sipping. An electric kettle like this Breville teapot in the room will let your guest enjoy a drink at all hours of the day with privacy.