It’s time to kick off summer, and you know what that means! It’s time to amp up your patio or outdoor space so you can enjoy the sun. If you’re looking to go all-in on the summer vibes, then transform your space into a tropical oasis. Perfect for sunbathing, sipping cocktails, and entertaining friends (safely) on warm summer nights we’ve got the skinny on the topical oasis look. Here are some easy tips to help you get the look and a full mood board to get you started with your outdoor transformation.

Let’s Talk Colors - Bring that tropical vibe through bold brilliant colours like teal, pink, green, or yellow. Add pops of natural browns to emulate nature and brilliant white tones to emulate the crisp white sand beaches. Your colour scheme should feel cohesive and have a flow to it, so don’t get too crazy with the colours, less is more. 

What About Textures and Patterns - Time to pull in some patterns and a little bit of texture. The easiest way to get that tropical oasis vibe is to work with nature. Palms, and tropical leaves will give you that perfect oasis feels while neutral Jutes, woods, and bamboos will help things feel natural and beachy. 

You Need Some Accents - Finish off the look with soft lighting from lanterns or string lights, soft throws, and a few accent pillows. You want your space to scream summer while still being cozy and inviting for the chilly evenings. 

Plants, Plants, Plants - Just like a real topical oasis you’ve got to add some plants. If you can’t grow tropical plants then fake it! Use large faux plants from tropical settings to emulate that beachy vibe.

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  1. Jute Bromo Rug
  2. Leaf Shaped LED Lantern
  3. Resort Leaf Corded Cushion
  4. Bird of Paradise Plant
  5. Baylee 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set - Natural
  6. Basketweave Throw
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  8. Tropical Aqua Dinner Set