Kick off the new year with a detox to get you back on track and feeling healthy! Juice cleanses and smoothie detoxes are a great way to flush your system and start fresh, and what better time for a fresh start than the beginning of 2022. Not sure how to get started? Here are some essentials for having a successful and healthy detox. 

detox essentials for the kitchen

Essentials for a Smoothie Detox

Smoothie detoxes are a great way to keep energy high and still get the protein you need throughout the day.

Some essentials for a smoothie detox include: 

  • Blender - The number one essential for a smoothie detox is a blender, this is how you will be making all your smoothies, so a quality blender is a must. If you’re on the go, consider a portable blender or a hand blender to make things simple. Immersion blenders can also be used for mixing up large batches of fruit and veggies. 
  • Ingredients - To have a healthy and successful smoothie cleanse, it is vital that you have the right ingredients. A variety of fruit and leafy greens such as spinach and kale can act as your base, while add-ins like protein powder, peanut butter, chia seeds and oats can help give your body the protein and fiber it needs.

detox essentials for your kitchen

Essentials for a Juice Cleanse 

Juice cleanses are similar to smoothie detoxes, but a little more intense. In a smoothie detox, you are consuming protein and fiber throughout the day, just in a liquid form. Juice cleanses should be shorter and depending on your health, you may want to do juice cleaning for only 1-2 meals per day and continue to eat healthy, low calorie meals or snacks. Here are some essentials you will need for your juice cleanse:

  • Juicer - Doing a juice cleanse at home will require a juicer. Cold press juicers are a great option for those wanting to do a juice cleanse. Juicers can be used for all sorts of fruits and veggies and are a wonderful addition to a healthy kitchen. 
  • Ingredients - Like smoothies, you will want a mix of healthy fruits and veggies for your juice cleanse. Juice cleanses are a great way to get a lot of vitamins and nutrients as part of a healthy diet. 
  • Storage Containers - Juicing can be quite time consuming, so save yourself the time and plan ahead. Juice your fruits and veggies in bulk and then store your juices in the fridge for an easy grab and go!