Christmas has come and gone, and you might be starting to miss the Christmas spirit. The months of January and February can feel a little bit like limbo for home decoration. It’s too early to decorate for spring, but you’re itching to pack up your holiday decor. Here are 3 easy steps that will help you transition your home decor from the holidays to a feeling of winter magic. 

winter decor

Select Transitional Decor Pieces

The key to having a seamless transition from season to season is choosing transitional pieces. These pieces should feel timeless and blend well with your home decor. Combine these evergreen pieces with items that are specific to winter, or fit a winter motif and you’ll have a subtle and elegant nod to winter magic throughout your home.

Choose the Right Colors & Textures

As we pack away the reds, golds and greens of Christmas, try embracing the colors of the winter season. Shades of blue, white and silver look gorgeous during the winter months and will pair well with your other home decor items. Looking for something a little more neutral? Try beiges and nudes paired with pops of white in winter motifs. For texture opt for things that are warm and soft like knits and sherpa. 

Fill the Empty Spaces

It often feels like something is missing once the holiday decor is put away. Here’s how to fill that empty space in a mindful and stylish way. 

Living Room: Wall art like photographs and paintings work wonders for adding some color and dimension to the room. Mirrors can help to open up the space and make the most of the limited light we have in the winter months. Decorate your surfaces with vases filled with dress greenery or flowers, decorative bowls or other small statement pieces. 

Bedroom: The bedroom is another great place to add new wall art or mirrors to open the space up. For your bed, add a new duvet cover or sheets in a seasonal color. Additionally you can add throw pillows or accent blankets in both year round and winter colors. 

Bathrooms: Many of us don’t decorate our bathrooms during the holidays, but if you do it might be feeling a little sad. Opt for some fresh new bathroom accessories like a macrame wall hanging or a new potted plant. Another great way for transitioning bathroom decor is to swap out towels for colors that match the current season.