naturally improve your sleep

The average adult spends one third of their life sleeping, which means it’s important to really make those hours count. Sleep is what helps your body to function and perform the day to day tasks that make up life. Sleep is not only vital for survival, but it’s also a form of self care. 

Eat Early and Light

Sleeping is how we recharge our bodies, and eating is how we fuel them. Eating right is important for a healthy body and part of a healthy diet is healthy digestion. It’s important to eat several hours before you go to bed so your body has time to digest and settle. 

Not only will this help with healthy digestion but it will help you have an easier time falling asleep. It’s also important to eat light meals later in the day for these same reasons.

Exercise Regularly 

Regular exercise can help your body get into a good sleep cycle. Exercise can increase the production of nighttime melatonin which is a natural remedy for sleep. Keeping to an exercise routine will keep you healthy and help you sleep better at night. 

Avoid Screens Before Bedtime

Phones, computers and TVs can actually keep us from sleeping. Instead of scrolling through social media or watching a show, try turning off all screens 1-2 hours before you would like to be asleep. This will help your body wind down naturally and allow you to get a full night of beauty sleep. Instead of screens, try reading a book, taking a bath or shower, spending time with loved ones or listening to relaxing music. 

Meditate and Relax

Another great way to relax before bed is to meditate. Meditation can help with that natural wind down of your body while allowing you to fully relax. Try using an essential oil diffuser or scented candle to set the mood, and spend a few minutes just calming your mind.

Get Cozy and Comfy

Once you’re ready to get into bed, it’s important that you feel comfortable and cozy. If you have a hard time falling asleep due to light, try using an eye mask to block it out. Blocking out light can help to trigger the sleep function in your brain, helping you fall asleep faster. Additionally you can use a weighted blanket to help calm and soothe your body. The weight of the weighted blanket feels like a warm hug which helps your body and mind to feel protected and safe.