Since so many of us are still living our new normal from home, there is ample opportunity for us to live more sustainably in an effort to save our environment. Rather than using plastic bags to bring our lunch to work every day, we get to have lunch from the comfort of our home office. We're here to help you find products and solutions to living more sustainably.

Cleaning with Clean Products
One of the first steps in making your home more “homey” is by using reusable towels instead of paper ones. You can pick towels that match the aesthetic of your kitchen, or you can buy a pack of multi-coloured towels for different seasons or moods. We also love the Large Check Kitchen Textile Towels.

Another fabulous option is our 100% biodegradable dishcloths! Our Swedish dishcloth is equivalent to 15 rolls of Eco-friendly paper towels. They last up to 9-12 months and can be cleaned up to 200 times in the washing machine or top rack of dishwasher. They also come in a variaty of cute patterns! Check them out >

If you’re looking for cleaning products that are also clean, we love the “Eliminates Odours” Spray by oNature. The spray will make your home smell wonderful without all the harsh chemicals found in other deodorizing sprays. You can spray the product right on the source of an odour, and the essential oils will keep your room smelling fresh.

Eliminate Waste
Rather than purchasing plastic water bottles for your home, you can make the transition to a water filter. It’ll save space in your refrigerator and will save the planet from overused plastics. The Soma Water Filter Pitcher isn’t just sustainable—it’s also beautiful! With an oak handle and a sleek design, the pitcher will keep your water clean and fresh. Plus, the pitcher itself is made from 60% renewable, plant-based materials!

For When You Leave the House
We now sells five packs of reusable cloth masks for when you leave the house. Cloth masks are perfect for reuse, so they can help you accomplish your goals for sustainability. Since we’ll may be wearing masks for a while longer, it’s a great idea to invest in reusable cloth masks that you can wash and re-wear. Fortunately, an investment doesn’t have to be expensive! These paisley masks come in a five pack, and they’re only $9.95! Shop all of our masks >