It can be tough to plan out the week’s lunches, but having the right containers for the task will make the whole ordeal much easier. Whether you’re prepping lunches for yourself or the whole family, opt for high-quality containers to keep food fresh and spill-free.

We’ve put together some of our packed lunch container options to inspire your back-to-school or back-to-work meal planning.

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Reusable Snack Bags:
These reusable snack bags are perfect for just about any snack that’s okay with being a little crushed. Think: pre-cut veggies, nuts, certain fruits, or cracker-style snacks. Instead of throwing out plastic baggies, opt for one of these eco-friendly options.

Mason Jar Style Containers:
These trendy containers are ideal for breakfast-style foods, whether you’re transporting them to class or meal planning your breakfasts. Think: overnight oats and yogurt parfaits.

Air-Tight Containers:
The quintessential packed lunch containers. Hard food containers are excellent for about any food, from dinner leftovers to foods that can’t get crushed. Make sure to get a set with a solid lid that won’t come undone on any type of commute.

Bento-Boxes and Lunch Boxes:
These hard lunch containers are perfect for lunches because they come with their own dividers. This way you can have all the parts of your meal in one simple container. It’s both practical and cute!

Eco-Friendly Food Wraps:
There’s a more environmentally-friendly option for foods that typically require saran wrap. These reusable food wraps are great for keeping your foods fresh and eco-friendly. Think: sandwiches, handfuls of party mix, dried fruits or slices of cheese.

Miscellaneous Containers:
These specialty items are ideal if you consistently bring certain foods items to lunch like salad, fruit or condiments.

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