As we say goodbye to 2020 and think about the new year ahead of us, it’s time to start thinking about our planet and how we can be more sustainable. Sustainability starts at home with simple steps you can take now. Make your 2021 resolution to be more sustainable and conscious about waste. Here are a few parts of your life you can make more environmentally friendly in the new year. 

In The Kitchen
The kitchen is one of the easiest places you can reduce waste and increase sustainability. When we cook we use a lot of single use products. Replacing those single use products with reusable ones not only cuts down on waste but it cuts down on cost because you aren’t repurchasing the same item over and over. 

Choose items that can be washed and reused multiple times like food grade reusable silicone storage bags or reusable flexible lids to replace single use plastic bags and plastic wrap. 

When lining your cookie sheets ditch single use aluminum foil and parchment paper for reusable silicone baking mats. Not only will you be throwing less in the trash, your cookie sheets will stay nicer longer.

On The Go 
Being more sustainable at home is relatively easy, but being sustainable on the go is a whole other story. We don’t think about all the little things we waste during the day while out and about. Whether you’re out running errands or grabbing food with friends it’s good to look around and see what changes you can make. 

When you’re out getting a drink consider declining the plastic straw and instead using one of your own. Having a set of reusable straws in your bag is a simple way to cut down on waste and the handy pouch makes them convenient to take anywhere you go. 

Grocery shopping comes with a lot of waste because we use different bags for everything. If you can shop in bulk and replace your grocery bags with reusable ones. If you like to put loose items like fruits into a bag at the store, skip the little plastic one and use a reusable net bag instead.

Everyday Products
If you look at your daily routine you may notice there are a lot of things you toss out each day. If you take one step each day to make less waste you can help our planet. Some great ways to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life are to swap single use makeup wipes for reusable makeup remover wipes and switch your k cups for reusable coffee pods. Having a reusable water bottle will not only help you drink more water in a day but you’ll be putting less plastic into landfills. While we are all wearing masks, make sure you have a set of reusable ones you can wash and wear again.

If we all do our part to work towards sustainability we can ensure we leave behind a better, cleaner earth.