Working from home just got easier! Designating a space in your home exclusively for work-related endeavours is the key to keeping yourself concentrated and honed in on work itself. Create a space that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while having minimal distractions.

  1. Seating
    Start by choosing a supportive yet cozy chair that will get you through those long workdays, like our Zanidy Accent Chair. By beginning with the chair, we are able to decide on a colour palette and the additional accent pieces that will bring this space to life!
  2. Accent Decor
    Next up is all of the accent decor that will sprinkle your personality throughout your space. Choose minimal pieces that are necessary to the area, such as our Gaela Table and Floor Lamp or Beech Click Clock; and of course pick up some fun accessories like our Decorative Silver Hand Sculpture and Mini Succulent Plant in Pot!
  3. Pick a Rug
    Tie the entire space together with a cool-toned area rug, like our Biscayne Regatta Area Rug. This way it won’t overpower the decor, it will actually allow your decor to carry the space and make this area feel like your own! Not feeling cozy enough? Layer our New Zealand Sheep Skin Rug overtop a section of the area rug! 

Voila - your new favorite office space!


  1. Zina Magazine Rack by Umbra
  2. Zanidy Accent Chair
  3. Gaela Table and Floor Lamp
  4. Velas Botanica Scented Candles
  5. Decorative Silver Hand Sculpture by Torre & Tagus
  6. Mug Warmer by Salton
  7. Mini Succulent Plant in Pot
  8. Beech Click Clock
  9. Magnetic Sand 30-second Short Hourglass
  10. New Zealand Sheep Skin Rug
  11. Contour White Ribbed Glass Vase by Torre & Tagus
  12. Biscayne Regatta Area Rug