There are so many feminine decor pieces to choose from that it can be easy to make a space feel busy or over-crowded. But designing a feminine space doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

That’s why we recommend choosing simple pieces, and adding in a few floral-patterned ones to create a nice layered effect. The combination will create a lovely feminine space.

Check out this feminine and floral look for inspiration.

  1. Bedding:
    We chose our blush pink, very lush, Swiss Dot Bedding Collection to make a soft statement.You can also decorate the bed with your favorite throw pillows or line the edge of your bed with our New Zealand Sheep Skin Rug. Adding a rug to your bed is a non-traditional way to add texture and dimension to your room to take the space to the next level.

  2. Accent Pieces:
    For this feminine look, we’ve chosen a bold piece for the rug. The Hawthorne Winter Garden Area Rug has a gorgeous floral pattern but only uses two colours. This is perfect to give that feminine feel without overpowering the entire room.We opted for a light wood nightstand like our Malia Accent Table since the colour works well with the creams used throughout this feminine space. On top of the nightstand, our pink Mino Wireless Speaker by Lexon and our lovely Lily of the Valley Vase help round out the style.

  3. Decor:
    It can be a fun idea to fill any extra space in the room with lighting, like our Led Sphere Crackle Glass Light, Amelie White Table Lamp, and Yvonne Table Lamp. Each of these lighting devices has a unique look and will work to emphasize the feminine vibe you’re aiming for.

Shop the Items:

  1. Led Sphere Crackle Glass Light
  2. Hawthorne Winter Garden Area Rug
  3. Amelie White Table Lamp
  4. Swiss Dot Bedding Collection
  5. Yvonne Table Lamp
  6. New Zealand Sheep Skin Rug
  7. Lily of the Valley Vase
  8. Malia Accent Table
  9. Satin Gold Radius Disc Alarm Clock
  10. Grass Ball Decoration
  11. Bowls by BIA
  12. Mino Wireless Speaker
  13. Sorino Lustre Vase 15"