If you’re currently spending a lot of time outside or if that’s part of the plan for the upcoming months, there’s one thing that should not be neglected: your patio table.

Whether you have a two-person bistro set or a grand 8-person table, your outdoor space should be decorated to reflect the season and your household.

Rethink how your space looks with these hints on how to decorate your patio table.

1. Use Bold Colours and Patterns
Your outdoor space follows totally different rules than your indoor space. Mostly, that colours and patterns don’t really need to follow any rules! You’re outdoors, so the bigger the better!

Adding bold colours, large floral prints and big patterns are a few of the ways you can make your patio table as fun and welcoming as possible. If you don’t have the current budget to add loud mixtures of colour everywhere, focus on a few elements instead. Consider using a vibrant table cloth or floral place mats and tie in the boldness with some bright outdoor pillows.

Our suggestions:

2. Set it Up Properly
Don’t treat your patio table as a temporary dining space. Treat it like it’s an extension of your house or your second dining room. Choose fabrics that are waterproof and make sure everyone is comfortable all season long with extra blankets, pillows, and bug deterrents.

You can absolutely have a specific set of dishes and linens that are solely used outside. If you need bigger serving plates for a stack of burgers or a pile of corn-on-the-cob, don’t hesitate to get them! Having these items available to set up your patio table properly will make it significantly easier to have dinner outside - and therefore more enticing!

What we recommend:

3. Pick a Centerpiece
Just like a dining room inside your house, your outdoor space should have a center focal point. Centerpieces can breathe life into a space and tie the entire space together.

You can get imaginative with your centerpiece! Choose a sculptural piece for a bold statement, a bowl of fruit that’s both beautiful and practical, or a potted plant that can stay outside all summer long. Whatever you decide, simply pick something you’ve fallen in love with and want to show off.

Items we love:

4. Don’t Forget Lighting
After decorating your patio table, you’re going to want to make it usable! Adding lights will help keep the dinner conversation going long after it gets dark.

Add a set of hanging lights or place lanterns everywhere - or both! They’ll create a magical and romantic feel to your entire set up, making them an essential addition to your patio table.

Our recommendations:

5. Keep It Simple
Don’t stress out about decorating your outdoor space and dressing up your patio table. Spending time outside is supposed to be relaxing and your space should reflect that. Choose table settings and table decor that resonate with you and make your life just that much easier.

Linen Chest's patio essentials, showing an anthracite patio fire pit on an ivory and gray outdoor rug