“At-Home With…” is a new interview series from Linen Chest where we dive deeper into the lives and homes of some of our favourite people. We’ll learn about their unique styles, influences and lifestyle elements that have led them to success. Enjoy today’s home visit and if you’d like to be featured- reach out to us on instagram!

Gabby Musacchio - @gabby.musacchio

Where do you live?
Beaconsfield (Montreal)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for a living
I’m a journalist by education, but I work in philanthropy. I am essentially always cooking and playing with my home decor – also always eager to try a new DIY. Taste-making my way through Instagram, one post at a time!


1) How would you describe your style when it comes to your home?
French country meets wainscoting. I am very consistent with my style. I lived in a condo in Westmount for three years and really developed my personal taste while I was there. I became obsessed with wainscoting and decided that there could never be too much beige. So, I took that mindset and ran with it when we were working on our new house! If we moved, I would probably do the exact same thing.

2) If your home had a colour palette, which colours would be in it?
One word: beige. Some call it “vanilla", I call it classic.

3) Do you prefer changing up your decor seasonally or keeping things year round?
My overall decor stays the same year-round, but I absolutely love switching up the small decorative elements, seasonally. I find changing up little details adds a touch of novelty and excitement to any room.

4) Favourite decorating tip?
Fresh flowers, always. Oh, and make your bed every morning.

5) Which item at home do you believe is worth splurging on?
For furniture: chairs and kitchen/dining room table. For kitchenware: a good, big, cast-iron French oven.

6) How long did it take for you to feel as though your home was “finished”? Do you even feel that way now?
It took a solid year for me to feel like there was nothing missing when I would walk into any given room. I took my time with accents and art, because I strongly feel like those are elements that should speak to the personalities of whomever is living in the home.

When it came to furniture, I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted and had absolutely no hesitation in making my selections – but that’s not what makes a room. The character of the room will stand out in the small decorative elements.

There are still certain rooms that I feel are not “finished” and they tend to be the ones I go into the least, like my guest room. I don’t mind that it is unfinished, though; it gives me a project for the future!


1) You live with your fiancé (congratulations!) How did the two of you combine your design styles and tastes?
Thank you! Franco let me flex my design muscle as much as I wanted when it came to decorating our home. Luckily, he let me run with the whole thing and trusted me and my taste to make most of the design selections. Of course, I consulted him along the way, but he rarely objected to things I chose.

I went with his preferred colour scheme for the loft in our house, which is essentially his man-cave – darker tones set the mood in there, a contrast to the rest of our very light and airy home. If it were up to him though, we’d probably be living in an ultra-modern, minimalistic home!

2) Top 5 Linen Chest items every bride should have on their gift registry?
Easy: - Bamboo sheet setStasher bags, Le Creuset French oven, Riedel Vinum wine glass setsOXO Pop bins 5-piece starter set, and one more for good luck: Kate Spade Cypress Point dinnerware collection.

3) We know you love to cook! What’s your favourite meal to make? Any particular reason why?
Pasta with homemade tomato sauce and meatballs! I usually make it on Sundays, as us Italians call it “Sugo Sunday” (sugo means sauce). It’s my favourite meal to make and eat, because it’s what I grew up on. The aroma in my kitchen when the sauce is cooking makes me nostalgic about Sundays spent at my Nonna’s. It’s sure to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, and there’s just something about bringing people around a table for a plate of pasta that evokes happiness! It’s a classic, and I always say, don’t mess with the classics!

4) What’s your favourite room in your home and why?
My kitchen. It’s my favourite room because that’s where everyone congregates in our home. It’s a big open concept, which makes it perfect for entertaining! It is flooded with natural light, and it’s cozy & welcoming. The heart of our home.

5) Do you have a morning or night time routine?
Morning: Make your bed. First thing, every day.
Nighttime: My followers know the routine - #CandleLitKitchenClosed. When I am done cleaning the kitchen, I light a candle to remove any cooking smells, and to signal that the kitchen it closed for the day!

6) If you could have any celebrity over for dinner, who would it be and why?
Martha Stewart – does this need an explanation? I’d pick her brain until the sun comes up!


1) Coffee order?
Cappuccino, one sugar.

2) Entertaining or being entertained?
Entertaining – that’s my Superbowl.

3) Dogs or cats?
Dogs! My little Buddy is my biggest love.

4) Shopping online or in store?
In store! There’s something about the tangible part of buying things in person.

5) Seinfeld or Friends?
Friends all the way! Ps.: Ross & Rachel were NOT on a break.

6) Friday nights or Sunday mornings?
Friday nights – so much weekend to look forward to!

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